Conquer the snow-covered expanses of Kola on a snowmobile

Готовь сани летом, а снегоход - осенью! Мы собрали для вас подборку от лёгких до самых захватывающих дух маршрутов на снегоходах сезона 2021/22.

Snowmobile Safari

A great way to have a good rest, get a lot of positive emotions and have a great time

Duration: 15 minutes

Length: 3 km

Route category: easy

Cost: 2,000 rubles.

Route: an interesting and exciting trip through the park and its surroundings to the Horn Lake with stops for photos

Snowmobile safari 15 km

A great way to have a good rest, get a lot of positive emotions and have a great time

Duration: 1 hour

Length: 15 km

Route category: easy

Cost: 5,000 rubles.

Route: an interesting and exciting trip through the park and its surroundings to the Horn Lake with stops for photos

The magic of the Polar night

A two-day exciting snowmobile route in the middle of the Polar Night, when the sun does not rise above the horizon for more than two months.

You will see that natural lighting is not necessary for driving on a snowmobile, but in clear weather you will be accompanied all the way by the light of the moon and numerous stars reflected from the snow - covered mountain slopes, and under favorable circumstances-flashes of the northern lights.

Duration: 2 days

Length: 120 km

Difficulty: easy

Cost: from 20,000 rubles

Start of the tour: Kirovsk, snowmobile base

End of the tour: Kirovsk, snowmobile base

New Year's mysterious Petrelius

The most popular route where you can enjoy the view of the mountains and the drive from snowmobiling through the snowy Khibiny valleys.

Duration: 4 hours

Length: 45 km

Difficulty: easy

Cost: from 5000 rubles

Start of the tour: Kirovsk, snowmobile base

End of the tour: Kirovsk, snowmobile base

Northern Lights Picnic

The evening route combines a full-fledged snowmobile route and a fabulous evening under the stars by the campfire.

A fantastic drive through the snow-covered mountain valleys. On a specially equipped platform, closed from the wind, you will have a picnic on deer skins by the fire. Under favorable conditions, you can observe the Northern Lights. After enjoying the silence of the Polar night, the smells of a campfire, tea "with smoke", you will go on the way back and again the wind in your face, snow eddies, speed and drive.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Length: 35 km

Start of the season: from December 1

Cost: from 6000 rubles

Start of the tour: Kirovsk, snowmobile base 

Khibiny-The White Sea

All the most beautiful places of the Kola Peninsula in 6 days!

Route: Kirovsk-Khibiny-lake.Umbozero-oz.Lovozero-S. Krasnoshchelye-S. Varzuga-der. Kuzomen-the White Sea-Kandalaksha

Duration: 6 days

Length: 600 km

Difficulty: Average

Cost: 85,000 rubles

The heart of the Kola

The best route of the season. An exciting route through the most remote and beautiful places on the Kola Peninsula.

Route: Varzuga-Strelna-Kanevka - Krasnoshchelye-Lovozero - Kirovsk   

Duration: 5 days

Length: 750 km

Route category: complex

The cost of the tour: 95,000 rubles.

Outposts of the Arctic

An unforgettable winter adventure in which you can enjoy driving a snowmobile over rough terrain, most of the route passes along the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

A breathtaking road along the salty surf to the lonely lighthouses burning with guiding lights. ​ A fantastic drive through the snow-covered silent tundra, winter sandy beaches, the coast of Red Stones (the Garden of Stones) - a fabulous corner on the coast of the Barents Sea near Cape Zemlyanoy, rightly noted in the book "100 natural wonders of Russia". ​

Northern Lights, Sami legends, shipwrecks - go ahead for adventures!

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights

Length: 250 km

Route category: medium

Cost: from 64,000 rubles.

Route: St. Titovka-Drunken Creek-Kutovaya Bay-Motovsky Bay-Bolshoe Ozerko - Cape German-Cape Kekursky - Bolshoe Ozerko-Bolshoe Ozerko-Two brothers-Rock Garden - Coastal Artillery-Staraya Titovka

The Big Kola Ring

Dedicated to real lovers of extreme recreation and fast driving, true connoisseurs of the snow-covered forest and inquisitive discoverers of the secrets of unknown nature!

A grandiose multi-day expedition from the north to the south of the Kola Peninsula and back.

Route: Murmansk-Verkhnetulomsky-Polar Dawns-Apatity - Koashva-Lovozero - Murmansk

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights

Length: 850 km

Route category: difficult

Cost: 150,000 rubles.

Snowmobile tour of the Kola Peninsula

Ringing silence, clean frosty air, the pristine nature of the Kola Peninsula, kilometers of snow-covered roads – an atmosphere that can cause awe in everyone who is crazy about an active lifestyle. And not just active, but full of adrenaline, drive, speed. If your dream is to get behind the wheel of a snowmobile and travel around northern Russia, admiring the vast fabulous landscapes, then we are on our way.

"Snow Jungle" will not leave you indifferent – they will fill you with wild energy, expand your horizons and make you forget about the hustle and bustle of a noisy city. Our three-day snowmobile tour of the Kola Peninsula will give you an unforgettable, incomparable experience.

Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Length: 300 km

Difficulty category: medium

Cost: from 75,000 rubles.

Route: Staraya Titovka Station-Sredny-Rybachy-Staraya Titovka Station-Airport

One-day snowmobile tour

A one-day tour of the Kola Peninsula is a unique opportunity to visit a stunning place at the very edge of the earth! We invite you to a real adventure! Become a brave conqueror of the Arctic expanses!

Route: Staraya Titovka Station-Sredny district-Staraya Titovka

Duration: 1 day

Length: 70 km

Route category: easy

Cost: from 12,500 rubles.

Сокровища Кольского

Сокровищница Кольского – снегоходная экспедиция с посещением фантастических по своей эзотерической энергетике мест Южной и Центральной части Кольского полуострова. Всего через несколько часов пути, вырвавшись из суеты и шума цивилизации, вы окажетесь в самом центре Русской Лапландии. Интереснейший маршрут по самым красивым местам Кольского полуострова с размещением на ночлег в комфортных условиях со всеми удобствами.

Продолжительность: 4 дня

Протяженность: 600 км

Категория маршрута: средняя

Стоимость: от 99 000 руб.

Маршрут: Кировск – Кандалакша – Апатиты – Кировск

Снежные кружева

Маршрут: с. Ловозеро- Сейдозеро- фермерское хозяйство -с. Ловозеро

Продолжительность: 7 часов

Протяженность: 80 км

Категория маршрута: легкая

Стоимость: 15 000 руб.

Only mountains can be better than mountains

Route: c.Lovozero-mount Vavnbed-farm - with. Lovozero

Duration: 7 hours

Length: 60 km

Route category: easy

Cost: 15,000 rubles.


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