Tourist guide of the murmansk Region

See the Northern Lights, surf in the Arctic Ocean, go through the ancient Sami ritual, try crab soup, walk the polar day long, conquer the black track on mountain skis and, of course, fall in love! Are you ready?

Active summer in the Murmansk region

Climb mountains, ride quad bikes, try out freediving, fly by helicopter, hunt sea urchins, soar above the ordinary, dive into unknown depths-summer is waiting for your adventures.

In the Murmansk region - Polar Day!

Have you ever walked through a city at night, squinting from the bright sun? And seeing the clock at 12: 00 to doubt the time of day? If not, then we invite you to the Murmansk region – the city of sunny nights! Just 62 days of a unique phenomenon that allows you to see Murmansk at night without people and cars in the light of the sun, walk through its streets, and take a picture of your own shadow at midnight!

So you haven't rested yet!

Chain hotels with an international level of service, small cozy guest houses with a homely atmosphere or super-unusual glampings under the starry sky? Choose a hotel to your taste!

Crab, venison or sea urchin?

Arctic cuisine knows how to surprise! Here you will be served sea delicacies, venison burgers, Arctic fish soup with crab, and even yagel chips! Dessert? How about a "soup" of cloudberries?

Vacation with cashback 20%

Relax in the Murmansk Region this summer and get a refund of up to 20,000 rubles when paying with the MIR card»

Tourist's Memo

We have prepared a tourist guide for you, which will help you learn more about the Murmansk Region and prepare for your trip.

The main thing in the area

Flying north

Northern Lights Forecast

Flares on vacation from May to August. All summer we enjoy the polar day

Do you live in the Murmansk region? Join us!

Do you know an interesting route or cool objects that are not yet on the project map? Share interesting facts and objects, as well as leave comments with hints and tips-let's develop the project together!

Скоро все будет!

Океан, горы, леса, гастрономия и самобытная культура — совсем скоро на портале откроется полный путеводитель по чудесам Мурманской области.

Мы уже загружаем страницы с готовыми маршрутами, красивыми фотографиями и экскурсиями, чтобы вы узнали о самых интересных местах региона в одном месте.

Также, мы дорабатываем функционал и ведем технические работы. Наш портал запустился в пилотном режиме. Мы будем держать вас в курсе всех изменений!

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