Murmansk region for you

The Kola Peninsula is the tundra, the Arctic wind, the traces of the Great Patriotic War and the icy waves of the ocean.

See the Arctic ocean in teriberk

Walk along the sandy beach among the ice and feel at the edge of the universe. And you can even go surfing!

Try Arctic cuisine

Freshest crabs, oysters, mussels combined with Arctic berries and herbs

Go hunting for the Northern Lights

Fulfill a childhood dream and watch one of the wonders of the world with your own eyes

Pet a deer

Ride a reindeer sled and make friends with animals

Отправиться на крабовое сафари

Отправиться на охоту за камчатским крабом можно будет уже с 16 августа до 31 декабря.

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