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Murmansk region for you

The Kola Peninsula is the tundra, the Arctic wind, the traces of the Great Patriotic War and the icy waves of the ocean.

See the Arctic ocean in teriberk

Walk along the sandy beach among the ice and feel at the edge of the universe. And you can even go surfing!

Try Arctic cuisine

Freshest crabs, oysters, mussels combined with Arctic berries and herbs

Go hunting for the Northern Lights

Fulfill a childhood dream and watch one of the wonders of the world with your own eyes

Pet a deer

Ride a reindeer sled and make friends with animals

Отправиться на крабовое сафари

Отправиться на охоту за камчатским крабом можно будет уже с 16 августа до 31 декабря.

Silver Necklace of Russia

The Silver Necklace of Russia unites 11 constituent entities of the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Novgorod Regions, the Republics of Karelia and Komi, and the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Kola Bay

Fishing in the Kola Bay is always exciting and productive. Basically, herring, sea bass, flounder, catfish and cod are caught here: sauerkraut, haddock and cod itself. A special permit for fishing is not required, but there are restrictions on the minimum size of the fish if you catch a side less than 39 cm long, it must be immediately released back.

Umba river

Strong northern fish live here, such as grayling, trout, brook trout, whitefish, ide, salmon, pike and perch. Every even-numbered year in July, you can catch pink salmon in Umba, which comes to spawn from the White Sea.

"Caught-Seized" (6 hours, 1 copy)

The cost of nominal one-time licenses for Atlantic salmon fishing for residents of the Murmansk region is 400-450 rubles. For citizens of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union – 500 rubles. For foreign citizens – 3,000 rubles. For pensioners, participants and veterans of military operations, as well as the indigenous Sami population, the cost is 300 rubles. WWII participants, children under 14 years of age (accompanied by adults), veterans of the Russian fish protection authorities, honorary and honored workers of the fishery (industry) receive licenses free of charge.

"Caught-Released" (12 hours, 2 copies)

The cost of nominal one-time licenses for Atlantic salmon fishing for residents of the Murmansk region is 1 800 rubles. For citizens of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union – 2,000 rubles. For foreign citizens – 4,000 rubles.


Licenses are issued according to the originals of documents certifying the identity of a citizen with information about the place of registration, as well as: pensioners – if there is an original pension certificate; participants (veterans) of hostilities – if there is a certificate of a participant (veteran) of hostilities; children under 14 years of age – if there is a birth certificate or passport and accompanied by adults.

Fishing on the Varzuga River

Varzuga is considered to be the most fishy river. There are a lot of salmon in the river, as well as pike, perch, grayling, trout, trout and pink salmon come in every 2 years.

Fishing on the Ponoy River

In addition to a huge amount of salmon in the river, there is a huge amount of large grayling, a lot of sea and river trout, whitefish, perch and pike. In the middle current, large yazis are caught.

Fishing on Lake Imandra

It is the largest lake in the region. Pacific trout, trout, Arctic char, grouse, whitefish, pike, burbot, smelt, stickleback, grayling, carp, ide, perch, ruff are found here. There are a lot of pike, perch, ide and ruff in the pond. For industrial purposes, whitefish, grouse, burbot, smelt are caught here.

Equipment for alloy

An ideal means for rafting a large company on the river is a catamaran. The catamaran allows the whole team to be on the same "board".

Equipment for alloy

Kayaks. The alloy on them has its own specifics. The speed of kayaking is usually higher than on a catamaran. Therefore, such rafting requires better physical fitness, greater organization and discipline from tourists.

Equipment for alloy

Inflatable boats. One of the most democratic and inexpensive alloy options. Rubber boats should be taken from the calculation: one double boat for one person, so that not only you, but also your belongings can fit into it.

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