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Go on a crab safari

Amateur fishing of the Royal (Kamchatka) crab in the Murmansk region is allowed in the period from August 16 to December 31.

Where to go to hunt for Kamchatka crab in the Murmansk region?

List of enterprises and sites for organizing amateur fishing of Kamchatka crab in the Barents Sea

What should I consider when planning a crab safari?

To carry out fishing, it is necessary to have:

  • A trip ticket
  • Passport or other identity document
  • Documents for the right to control the vessel
  • Amateur crab extraction is carried out from August 16 to December 31
  • The commercial size of the Kamchatka crab is determined in fresh form by measuring the largest width of the shell (carapace) without taking into account the spikes and should be at least 15 cm. 


The Kamchatka crab should be released into its natural habitat with the least damage, if it is a female or the size of the carapace is less than 15 cm.


What tools of crab extraction are allowed to be used?

  • Hook mining tools of all types and names with a total number of single, double or triple hooks of no more than 100 pieces in the sea
  • Mesh traps of various designs with an internal size and a mesh pitch of at least 70 mm.

When carrying out fishing, it is prohibited

  • Mining without permits
  • To carry out production in the period from January 1 to August 15
  • To carry out extraction from ships and floating vehicles that are not registered in accordance with the established procedure
  • In forbidden and closed mining areas and in prohibited periods for mining
  • Use fishing gear that has a size and equipment, as well as the size (pitch) of the mesh that does not meet the requirements of the Fishing Regulations
  • Exceed the volume and quantity of extracted aquatic biological resources established in the permit
  • Extraction of female Kamchatka crab


The use of small vessels in the implementation of amateur fishing in the border zone

  1. All vessels, with the exception of small vessels used for non-commercial purposes, are registered in the State Ship Register
  2. Small vessels used for non-commercial purposes are registered in the register of small vessels or the Russian Open Register of Vessels
  3. The person operating the vessel notifies the border authority in writing, by fax, telephone or e-mail (if available) :

  • on the departure of vessels from their bases no later than 2 hours before the departure of the vessel with information about the name of the base, the registration (on-board) number, the name of the vessel, the person managing the vessel, the place of navigation, the number of people on the vessel, the time of departure, the estimated time of return.
  • upon the return of the vessels to their home points, about the actual time of return
  • in cases of non-return of ships to their home points at the established time, the person no later than 1 hour before the expected time of return about the reason for the untimely return


  • Vessels are allowed to stay during daylight hours (from sunrise to sunset). For vessels that do not have a ship's ticket - at a distance of up to 2 miles from the shore.
  • The stay of vessels at any time of the day is allowed if there are technical means of control on them - in agreement with the border authority.


The use of net fishing gear for Kamchatka crab

All net tools used for amateur fishing are subject to mandatory registration.

In the Murmansk region, this procedure is carried out by the North Sea Territorial Administration of Rosrybolovstvo by entering information about net tools in the register.

To use it, you must:

  1. Submit to the territorial authority an application for entering information about net tools in the register
  2. Carry out piece-by-piece marking of net guns with a marking sign, on which the following information is placed:

  • Full name of the owner of the net tool or the full name of the legal entity
  • characteristics of the net tool (information about the main design characteristics in the equipped (straightened) form (length, height, width, size (pitch) of the mesh, including the characteristics provided for net traps by the fishing rules).
  • registration number of the net gun



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