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Stone labyrinth "Babylon"

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The archaeological monument stone labyrinth "Babylon" is an object of cultural heritage of federal significance. The age of the labyrinth exceeds 2000 years. Its intricate passages are made entirely of stone, overgrown with greenery. 

The purpose of the labyrinth is still shrouded in secrets and riddles. Similar stone structures are randomly scattered all over the northern coast of Europe, from the British Isles to Karelia. The very name of the stone labyrinth — "Babylon", according to many sources, comes from the Celtic "Avalon" (a legendary island inhabited by mythical fairies, an analogue of an earthly paradise for the Celts). Although many theologians insist on the origin of the word from the biblical story about the Tower of Babel. One way or another, but all the "babylons" of Northern Europe have a similar pattern and principles of construction, which can not be an accident.

The labyrinth is located 4 km from the city of Kandalaksha, on the coast of the Maly Pitkul Bay.

For GPS-navigator owners: 67°6’58.64 "N 32°28’49.76" E. 

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