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Lovozersky rayon, Revda, lake Seydozero
The wonders of nature

One of the most picturesque places in the Murmansk region — Lake Seydozero is located at an altitude of 189 meters above sea level. It stretches among the tundra for 8 kilometers, with a width of 1.5 to 2.5 kilometers. From the west, the mountain river Elmorayok flows into it, in the east it flows Seidyavryok (Motka) and flows into Lake Lovozero.

Seidozero is sometimes called the polar Shambhala. Scientists argue about the origin of this reservoir: some believe that a lake was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Others suggest that the lake is of artificial origin, and at the bottom of the void that lead to the second bottom. Fans of riddles, revealing this theory, suggested that these tunnels were used by representatives of a highly developed civilization who lived on the Kola Peninsula. It is not for nothing that Seydozero is also considered the center of the mysterious Hyperborean civilization.

Local residents will immediately warn you that before you come to Seidozero, you need to ask permission from the spirits, so that no trouble happens. Such caution is associated with the faith of the lapps. Seidami they call stones, which, as they believe, turn the souls of deceased ancestors. Hence the name of the lake, surrounded by rocks and boulders.

Another feature of this attraction is the humanoid image on the rock. The Sami have a legend that it is a giant hunter Kuiva. He was so cruel that the lapps asked the gods to protect them. Lightning flew out of the Seidozer, striking Kuiva. And there was only the imprint of his burned body on one of the rocks.

Seidozero is often compared to a mirror, so in pure water. Due to the fact that the reservoir is closed by mountains, there is a special microclimate. Winters are milder than in other parts of the peninsula, and the winds are light. Therefore, the trees grow to an unprecedented height for the Far North, there are even rare tree species for the Lovozersky district, such as aspen and alder.

Seidozero is a part of the reserve of regional significance "Seidyavvr". Therefore, you can only stay here on the condition that you follow a number of rules. In the lake there are whitefish, pike, grayling, perch, trout, but you can only fish with a special permit.

Tourists, having looked at Seidozero, go to explore the gorges and mountains nearby. One of the interesting places to see is Mount Ninchurt. Here they found the ruins of an ancient complex with an observatory, it is a 15-meter trough designed to accommodate a telescope.

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