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Five Corners Square (Ploschad Pyat uglov)

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Murmansk, Five Corners Square (Ploschad Pyat uglov)

The heart of Murmansk is the Five Corners Square. This is the face of the city, which is seen by tourists coming to the station, a place where business, cultural and political life is in full swing.

Five Corners is a modern name that was received in the 90s. Before that, the square was called the Square of the Proletarian Bow, Red, Conquerors of the Arctic, the square of the Soviet Constitution.

Here nearby, where it now stands On October 4, 1916, the foundation stone for the future Church of St. Nicholas of Myra was laid. So Murmansk got the date of birth and the reference point from which it was built.

In the pre-war years, there was no special gloss on the square. On the site of a swampy wasteland, wooden barracks began to appear, a narrow-gauge railway ran, and places of trade began to appear, where the Chinese commanded. The square was rebuilt in stone only after the war. The paving stones were replaced with asphalt, and the log houses were replaced with brick ones. You can't find the fifth corner on it right now. And the name came about because earlier Lenin, Stalin and Vorovsky Avenues met here in curves, which formed the five corners.

Near the Five Corners Square there are many attractions and places important for tourists: hotels "Meridian", "Azimut"," Gubernsky " hotel, Murmansk Regional Philharmonic Hall, Murmansk regional scientific Library, monument to Cyril and Methodius, monument to Anatoly Bredov, stadium of Trade Unions, Ice Palace of Sports, Local history Museum, monument to twin cities, Museum of shipping, marine and train stations, monument to S. M. Kirov, the legendary department store "Volna", cafe "Ynost"

There are also important buildings for the city: the government of the Murmansk region and the administration of Murmansk, the Murmansk Regional Duma, and others.

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