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Nature Park "Teriberka"

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Kola district, Teriberka village

In the Kola district there is one of the most famous settlements of the region — the small village of Teriberka.

In 2016, Teriberka was included in the list of the 20 most popular world tourist destinations according to the National Geographic Traveler magazine. Teriberka is an ancient fishing village on the coast of the Barents Sea. It is here that the closest access to the Arctic Ocean in Russia is located, which can be reached by car. The shooting of the film "Leviathan"took place here.

Only 120 km separate Murmansk from Teriberka, but often the path itself becomes one of the brightest impressions. The road runs along stunning views-endless tundra, formidable hills and rocks, passes and gorges are fraught with many dangers.

The Teriberka itself consists of two parts, which are called Staraya Teriberka and Lodeynoye. The old part of the village for the most part resembles those traditional coastal fishing villages, which were once numerous throughout the Kola Peninsula. Wooden houses, boats, boat garages and other outbuildings. Right by the road on the shallows of the Teriberskaya Bay lie the skeletons of small fishing trawlers that were actively used in the 1930s-1950s, this place is called the "cemetery of abandoned ships".

Lodeynoye is the second part of Teriberka with relatively new Soviet-built houses. Pretty battered by life and the wind from the sea. It is here that the last stage of the journey to the End of the earth begins. The coast of the Arctic Ocean is a 35-40-minute walk away. Or 10-15 minutes by ATV in summer and 7-10 minutes by snowmobile. Waves crashing against rocks, huge boulders perfectly round along the coastline, and again rocks, rocks, rocks. The realization that this is the End of the Earth is fascinating, impressive and does not leave anyone indifferent.

Beyond that, only the ocean and the North Pole. For extreme-minded guests, it is suggested to swim in the ever-cold Arctic Ocean (or at least take a dip). For the rest — the traditional ritual of drinking warming drinks and filling containers with water of the ocean in memory of the trip.

"Teribersky waterfalls —  stunning tourist places where the water from the lake from a great height falls almost into the sea. And a little further on the hill is the coastal defense battery No. 199 of the separate artillery division, which defended the coast of the Kola Peninsula; covered shipping and fishermen going out to coastal fishing; engaged in battle with German ships and submarines.

The area of the natural park "Teriberka" is 2418.5 hectares. It consists of three clusters, two of which are fully represented by a recreational zone and one by a combination of recreational and nature protection zones. To visit the nature park, you need to get a permit.

The village itself is not included in the boundaries of the park, a permit is not required to visit it.

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