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Mountain range "Khibiny"

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Khibiny mountain range

Khibiny is the largest mountain range of the Kola North and its best decoration. From the towering mountains in the center of the Peninsula, you can enjoy a magnificent view in all directions of the world. The highest point of the mountain system is mount Yudychvumchorr, whose height reaches 1200.5 m above sea level; it breaks off quite steeply in the form of inaccessible steep cliffs.

The Khibiny massif has plateaued peaks, rather steep slopes, deep gorges that attract travelers all year round. Slopes and gorges are full of an abundance of tourist routes, intertwined with each other. The Khibiny mountains are one of the most popular tourist destinations: this is the first Alpine region in the entire Arctic region, in which a proper system of routes was carried out from training to the most difficult. The peculiarities of the local climate often create extreme conditions for climbing.

For lovers of active recreation, Khibiny ski resorts with slopes of any complexity are built here. This place is one of the few Northern regions of Russia with developed traditions of Hiking, skiing, water tourism, as well as skiing and skiing. And the mountain lakes of khibin are popular for picnics.

When Hiking in Khibiny at all times of the year, it is advisable to monitor weather conditions, avoid climbing in the fog, be shod in trekking shoes, be sure to have warm clothes with you, a supply of food. In case of very long field trips, tourists will also not be hindered by vitamins: the water of the Khibiny due to weak mineralization "washes out" useful substances from a person, which, however, in the short term does not affect the person in any way.

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