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Nature Park "Rybachy and Sredny Peninsulas"

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Rybachy Peninsula

The Rybachy Peninsula together with the Sredny Peninsula form one natural Park, which can only be accessed by special permission. This is one of those places on the planet Earth where you need to visit at least once in your life. It is located about 25 kilometers northeast of the urban settlement of Pechenga.

The Rybachy and Sredny peninsulas in the Murmansk region have the status of a natural Park with a special visiting regime. Tourists can't just come here.

First, you need to coordinate your visit with the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Murmansk region or the Federal security service of the Murmansk region, if foreign guests want to come here. An application for a pass to the Peninsula can be filled out through the form on the Ministry's website.

Every tourist who comes to the fishing trip describes this place in his own way. One remembers the black shale rocks, another-the lead-blue Barents sea, another-the vast expanses of the Peninsula, now sunlit, like the valleys of North America, then preserving the harsh beauty under the polar sky.

If you are going to Rybachy as a natural Park, you will definitely appreciate its plateaus, bird markets, rocks and the lighthouse of Cape German, the northernmost continental point of the European part of Russia, cut by numerous rivers and lakes. The highest point is 334 meters.

Fishermen and divers like to come here, because the waters near the shore are called real jungles, thanks to the warm North Cape current, they do not freeze all year round. In the sea there are cod, haddock, crabs, shrimps, sea urchins and stars, capelin, herring, in streams — trout-motley, in lakes — perch and pike.

The most daring tourists swim in the littoral-natural pools with sea water, which are formed after the tides. The local waterfalls produce beautiful pictures, as well as on the plateau, which in spring and summer turn into carpets of flowers.

Rybachy is also interesting as a heritage of history. During the great Patriotic war, there were fierce battles for the Arctic. Therefore, it is still possible to find weapons of battle of that time and places, abandoned firing points, where the earth stores ammunition, helmets of Soviet soldiers. There is an abandoned village of Bolshye Ozerki on the Peninsula.

Since Rybachy is part of the state natural Park and is a specially protected natural area, there are rules for tourists. For example, with extreme caution, you can build bonfires and drive only on already paved roads.

In winter, it is difficult to get to the Peninsula because of the large amount of snow, in spring-because of its melting. Even in summer, it is quite cold here, because Rybachy can be considered the Arctic more than other territories of the Murmansk region.

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