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Explore the capital of the Arctic

Congratulations! You are planning a trip to Murmansk - the capital of the Arctic! You're probably a little excited and excited. What to see? How not to miss the main thing, what to try and how to accommodate the maximum impressions even in the shortest possible time of the trip — all the answers in our article.

The main thing in Murmansk

It's not easy to choose TOP-5 attractions of Murmansk, because even walking around the city, noting the details, is very interesting. You can, for example, come across a monument to Cod, or by accidentally looking over the fence, discover the skeleton of a whale! And we haven't gotten to the fun part yet.

Murmansk is a young, energetic and very special city. Still would! It is the largest city in Russia outside the Arctic Circle, and even on the shores of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea.

Even if you have very little time to get to know Murmansk, we advise you to visit these places:


What to try

Murmansk is an ideal place to get acquainted with unusual meat and sea delicacies for the first time. Venison, scallop, oysters, mussels, crabs, sea urchins and many, many fish dishes.  For dessert, we recommend ordering ice cream from cloudberry, jam from cones and be sure to try local teas and herbal tinctures. 

Read more about the features of Arctic cuisine dishes in our review .

We have collected a selection of restaurants and cafes that serve authentic Arctic cuisine in Murmansk.


Walks in Murmansk

We know how difficult it is to choose must see among the dozens of attractions in the city. Therefore, we have compiled free sightseeing routes for you around the main sites. Do you want to be accompanied by an experienced guide? Choose one of the excursions.


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