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5 km 400 m

The route starts in the very center of the city, from the Tourist Information Center of the Murmansk region (business center «Arctic», Lenin Ave. 82). Part of the route can be taken on foot, for example, to walk to the nuclear icebreaker «Lenin», on the way to walk through the square on Leningradskaya Street, which is a cultural heritage site «Monument to the victims of the intervention of 1918-1920.» 

It is easy to get to Semenovsky Lake by public transport or taxi, and if you want you can walk, however, this walk will take about an hour, and the Memorial «Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War» («Alyosha») will have to go about 1.5 km. Therefore, part of the route will be easier to overcome using transport.

  • (1) TIC of the Murmansk region (82 Lenin ave.). 
  • (2) the square on Leningradskaya Street, where the cultural heritage site «Monument to the victims of the intervention of 1918 — 1920» is located.
  • (3) Museum of the nuclear icebreaker «Lenin».
  • (4) Memorial complex «To Sailors who died in peacetime».
  • (5) The embankment of Semenovsky Lake.
  • (6) Memorial «To the Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War» («Alyosha»).
  • (7) Monument «Waiting» for a woman waiting for her sailor, the sculpture looks towards the Kola Bay, meeting and seeing off ships that have visited the port of Murmansk, there is a view of the bay.

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