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Nuclear icebreaker «Lenin»

An interactive Museum and educational complex dedicated to the geographical features, ecology and biological diversity of the Arctic, the development and development of the Northern sea route, the history of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet, as well as scientific and technical progress in ice navigation and ship nuclear power has been created on Board the Lenin aircraft.

The Nuclear icebreaker Lenin is the world’s first vessel with a nuclear power plant. The only object of cultural heritage of Federal significance in the city of Murmansk.


In summer, you can see whales that swim very close to the village and can be observed even from the shore.

The most important reason to go to Teriberka is to enjoy the unspoilt nature of the far North. There is no better season to come to this place, every time it opens for guests in a new way. in Winter, you will be surprised by the contrast of the ice-free Barents sea, whose temperature does not fall below zero. While there is ice and snow all around you, the waves beat against the rocks, creating new unusual rock reliefs.

The Village of Teriberka has become the most popular place on the Kola Peninsula recently, but has already managed to acquire many legends and rumors.

Khibiny Mountains

Khibiny is the largest mountain range of the Kola North and its best decoration.

In summer, there is a fairly short period when there is no snow. For mountain trekking enthusiasts, this is an interesting challenge.  

Snow in the mountains is about 8-9 months, which can not but please fans of the ski slopes. the ski resort «BigWood» has trails of all levels of difficulty, both for beginners and experienced athletes.  

For more information about where to go skiing and snowboarding, see the link — https://murmansk. travel/journals/19

Nature Park «Rybachy and Sredny Peninsulas»

The Rybachy and Sredny Peninsulas in the Murmansk region have the status of a natural Park with a special visiting regime. Tourists can't just come here.

First, you need to coordinate your visit with the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Murmansk region or the Federal security service of the Murmansk region, if foreign guests want to come here. The application for a pass to the Peninsula can be filled out through the form on the Ministry's website.

The most convenient route is to get to Murmansk by train or plane. Then you can turn to travel agencies that take tourists to the natural Park, know convenient roads and are ready for the difficulties of the way. And there can be a lot of them. So, in winter, you can't get to the peninsulas by car. Roads are swept up, and only a snowmobile can pass through them, and a helicopter can fly over them. In the spring, meltwater leads to off-road conditions, as well as rain in the spring.

You can take a chance to get to the Park by car, but a simple car on the roads leading to it will not pass. You only need a powerful SUV or four-wheel drive car, because part of the way you will have to Wade through rivers and large stones, and on the spot you will be waiting for deep puddles and fords.

From Murmansk, you need to go along the a-138 highway (the Murmansk-Pechenga regional highway), about 100 kilometers away will be the Titovka river. Cross it and turn right. We drive about 50 kilometers to the village of Bolshoe Ozerko, located already on the Rybachy Peninsula. The entire journey will take about 176 kilometers. You need to take a supply of fuel with you, because gas stations at the entrance to the Park are infrequent, and there are no gas stations at all.

Some tourists choose another travel option. From Murmansk, they go by bus to Pechenga (route 211), Zapolyarny (route 212) or Nickel (route 211). The ticket price is up to 287 rubles, Then by bike, hitchhiking or walking to Staraya Titovka and then to the Peninsula.

The Sredny Peninsula is connected by land to Rybachy. In the nature Park, you can only drive along routes that have already been laid out.

«Snow village» — place from the Russian book of records!

Buildings made of snow are very popular with our neighbors Scandinavians, but on the territory of Russia it is quite difficult to find buildings worthy of attention. Therefore, residents from all over the country, as well as tourists from other countries, come to Khibiny to see the magical snow vaults.


There is a place in the Murmansk region that is considered the most beautiful natural area and at the same time a sacred place. We are talking about lake seydozero. It is located in the center of the Lovozero mountain range, near the Sami village of seydozero. To get to it through the arteries of the rivers or through the pass Almario.

Seydozero is sometimes called polar Shambhala. The name was not born by chance. Scientists argue around the origin of this reservoir: some insist on the version that the lake was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. Others suggest that it has an artificial origin, and at the bottom there are voids that lead to the second bottom. Fans of all the mysterious and paranormal could not help but notice this theory, and suggested that these tunnels were used by representatives of a highly developed civilization who lived on the Kola Peninsula. It is not for nothing that seydozero is also considered one of the possible centers of the mysterious civilization of Hyperborea (the Northern analogue of Atlantis).

It is Located at an altitude of 189 meters above sea level. It stretches among the tundra for 8 kilometers, with a width of 1.5 to 2.5 kilometers. From the West it flows into the mountain river Almario, in the East flows Satyavrat (Coils) and flows to lake Lovozero.


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