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WHY does everyone go to the Murmansk region?

It seems that all your friends have already gone on vacation to the Murmansk region, and you still do not understand "Well, what's wrong there"? We will dispense with lengthy descriptions and numerous delights and go straight to the point. Choose what is closest to you

I love it when it's beautiful!

Everything is clear here-beauty and only! And if you are a visual artist and love beautiful views, do photography and look for inspiration, catch a selection of the most photogenic places in the region. And also pay attention to specialized photo tours. 

I like walking in nature

In winter or in summer-the choice of activity will be huge. In the warm season, pay attention to walks of different lengths. If you want to enjoy nature, but not experience the delights of spending the night in a tent, take a closer look at eco-trails and day hikes. Many of them are equipped with special signs (do not forget to also take a map and a guide to the TIC).

If the heart requires romance, songs around the campfire, soup in a pot, dawn in the forest and testing your own strength, you will be welcome on long hikes around the Kola. A variety of routes, programs and duration-choose proven tour operators on our website and study the safety requirements in advance. Emotions, we guarantee, will last for a long time. 


Extreme! I want to tickle my nerves and just enjoy the movement

Wow, hold on!

So, let's start with the obvious — the Murmansk region is a paradise for lovers of alpine skiing. Skiing or snowboarding? It doesn't matter at all, because you can try both. And snowbagles.

The most popular resorts are located in Kirovsk and Apatity, as well as near Murmansk. For a detailed overview, see our review.

In addition to skiing, the nerves can be tickled by races on snowmobiles, snowmobiles and jeeps. Depending on the time of year, choose the appropriate transport-and go ahead! You can just give a circle around the area for half an hour, or you can go on a real trip for a few days with stops in comfortable glamping or tents.

Speaking of thrills, it is impossible not to mention swimming and surfing in the Arctic Ocean. Look for all this in Teriberk. You can just go up to your ankles and run to the sauna to warm up, putting a check mark in your personal list of wishlist, or you can purposefully prepare and try to catch a wave or even dive and explore the depths with marine life and sunken ships. Look for pros on specialized forums and do not forget about the security rules. 


What an extreme! I have a family and children!

Agree, in this case, the extreme in your life and so enough. But we think you will not give up on cool impressions. Riding on reindeer sleds, getting to know friendly huskies and horses-children will definitely be delighted. And we also recommend you to visit the snow village! A whole city with sculptures made of snow and ice will not leave even the pope indifferent. For accommodation, pay attention to hotels with family rooms, as well as apartments with a kitchen. 

I like to learn new things

The Murmansk region is full of interesting stories. Here are the ancient legends of the Sami and Pomors, and the mysterious events of the times of tsarist Russia, and, of course, the history of the formation of local industries and the protection of the north in the hardest battles of the Great Patriotic War.

Choose topics, interesting places and qualified guides for a full immersion in the section"Excursions".                       


I don't want to go far and for a long time. What can you see right in Murmansk?

Murmansk for the weekend is a great format to reboot and try something new. In addition, here you can combine educational recreation and entertainment. In two days you can not only go on a sightseeing tour of the city, but also visit the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin", admire the view from the observation decks, try unusual dishes of Arctic cuisine, go hunting for the Northern Lights, and if you still have the strength, then go skiing! 

You will learn about the most iconic sights of Murmansk in our review. 



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