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Touch the secrets of a mysterious Civilization

Lake Seydozero near Lovozer is considered one of the possible centers of the mysterious Hyperborean civilization. According to legend, in Hyperborea lived highly developed giants who achieved great success in science and culture, and then disappeared, like the inhabitants of Atlantis. On one of the rocks near the lake you will find a 74-meter image. They call it Kuiva, so the Sami called the giant hunter who lived in the Lovozero tundra.

Sacred Lake of the Sami - Seidozero

There is a truly mystical and mysterious place on the Kola Peninsula. Every year, from all over Russia, hundreds of tourists are drawn to this mysterious place.

What is so famous about the lake "Seydozero"?

Hyperborean Runestones

Runestones are found all over Scandinavia. On them, ancient people wrote down facts from their lives, or sketched something important.

Petroglyphs of Canozera

The petroglyphs of Kanozero — ancient rock carvings found in the area of Lake Kanozero-have been recognized as a cultural heritage site.

Ancient labyrinth "Babylon"

The unique labyrinth is part of the ancient mystical cult of the Celts. The intricate passages are made entirely of stone, overgrown with greenery. The maze is more than 2000 years old!

And its purpose is still shrouded in mystery and mystery.

Labyrinth "Umbsky"

The purpose of the ancient mazes is still a mystery. According to one hypothesis, ancient people performed ritual rites near them. Another hypothesis suggests that the mazes were built in places where the dead were buried, so that the souls of the dead would get lost, wandering in a spiral, and not disturb the living.

Mysterious pyramids

According to various researchers, the age of the pyramids is about 100 thousand years BC - this is the era of the Middle Paleolithic.


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